Jan 27, 2012

Bound for Glory Land!

Well, we are headed to Nashville today and couldn't be more excited.  The truth is we talk a big talk, but can't deny the fact that we grew up barefoot in the woods of the Ozark mountains.  Ain't no shame in our southern raisin'!!!  Excited to get back to our roots for a weekend.  Rhett Murdaugh, here we come.  Station Inn, here we come.  AMEN!

Jan 20, 2012


A sneak-peak at the 20 ft. tree being built in the warehouse + the perfect tune to watch it with by, one of our all-time favorite artists, Johnny Cash.

Not the typical day at the office!

Happy weekend y'all!


Jan 18, 2012

Phocus on the Fotographer- Nicolas Matheus

Well, we know it sounds cliche', but "a picture is worth a thousand words", so Nicolas Matheus = The Encyclopedia Britannica folks!

This first space is RIDICULOUS, albeit with a window encased blind-divider hanging in the center of rustic heaven.  We won't judge that poor design decision, though because we SO LOVE everything else in the room.  

Beyond the rustic church turned heavenly home, Nicolas Matheus shows us a few of the other magnificent places his lens has travelled!

We love the glasses of milk on the floor in the photo above!  I mean, the one glass is right in the center of the room, just waiting to get kicked over!!!!  Gee, the things that stylists do sometimes!  haha

For more dazzling photos and info on Nicolas Matheus click aqui.

Nos vemos!


Jan 10, 2012

Home is where the heart is.

We think we might be coming down with the "Coffer bug".

Twenty-five years ago, John Coffer left a typical materialistic life in Florida and moved to upstate New York, where he set himself up on 50 acres in a log cabin, downshifted, and apparently figured out a fulfilling, satisfying life for himself revolving around subsistence, consideration, and slow photography. In this short, pastoral little vignette from Lost & Found Films, Coffer speaks without haste about his days…sleeping until 9 if he wants, how the irregularities of his cabin reflect the natural world, and why making tintype pictures is more intention and significant. Coffer is no Luddite — he has solar, a wind generator, and a laptop — but he’s chosen and seems to be completely in full with a life outside the rushing stream. If you’ve ever thought about bailing and escaping to a simpler, quieter existence, you’ll want to watch this.

We love you John Coffer, we're right behind ya brother!


Have a simple day!


Jan 4, 2012


Inspiration station!  (okay, that was cheesy) 

Down to business.  While we've noticed that photography by Lonngren/Widell seems to lack a congruent style, ALL of their photos evoke an emotion, which is something that we can all appreciate (agreed?).  

Perhaps Lonngren & Widell are the photography version of us:  "they like it all" and they don't say "no" to work, ever!  ha  

Let's start with their interior shots because, well, that's our first love.  Numero uno- the barn you see below that is converted into a primitive, rustic home could use some softer touches and a bit of design work as far as finishes are concerned, but it is awe-inspiring nonetheless.

#2 -  We could live here, as it's full of amazing rustic elements and better style, but this adobe doesn't quite tickle our fancy as much as a barn-home!

#3 - This home isn't quite there, but we thought it was worthy of showing.  Everyone knows we have a weakness for white slatted walls, painted wide plank floors, tribal prints, and a rustic spaces with modern elements.

 Now, on to some more fantastical shots!  Again, they're a bit all over the place, but we've selected some of our favorites and we think you'll agree that Lonngren/Widell photography is a little bit talented.

Obviously well travelled, the duo is brilliant at capturing the authenticity of their surroundings.  

We picked our faves, but feel free to check out their website here for more amazing shots!

Love y'all! 

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